Science Says

Published April 30, 2018 by kdorholt


My poem draft for this last day of April is inspired by unique planet facts and is a series of haikus. (I included Pluto. Ignore that haiku if you don’t think Pluto counts.) Thanks to all!

There,Jupiter and
Saturn rain real diamonds. Here,
your eyes smile sapphires.

One day on Venus
lasts over a year. Your kiss
never leaves my lips.

Uranian moons
reflect Shakespeare’s creations.
We deemed two hearts one.

Mercury needs no seasons
or moon. With your hand in mine,
I am completeness.

Water is absent
from God of the Sea’s Neptune.
I feel you always.

Pieces of planet
Mars still exist on Earth’s soil.
In you, I found me.

Pluto’s one great heart
Cannot contain love
Of infinite souls.

The universe holds
More stars than whole grains of sand—
You, my life’s being.

K. Dorholt
4/30/18 NaPoWriMo 2018


Alpaca Angst

Published April 29, 2018 by kdorholt


The Plath Poetry Project encourages writers to use one of Sylvia Plath’s poems as inspiration. Yesterday, I attended the Wisconsin Alpaca Fiber Fest, so I took my cue from Plath’s “The Bee Meeting.” Angst fits Plath.

You are adorable

on postcards of

Peru’s exotic escape

in the Andes.

Your eyes

round, black-brown

big as bunuelo

mesmerize me

with gentle gaze.

Elegant eyelashes

fringe them like

feather fans through

that perfect picture

and fool me 

into feeling their

flutter on my 

outstretched fingers

soothing and tickling

at the same time.

I want to

wrap myself around

your wooly warmth

and feel each frilly fiber

soft as powder puffs

caress my cares

into oblivion.

Your apparent 

simple smile

soothes my spirit

suggesting I sell

all I own 

in the city 

settle instead on 

a small plain

in your presence.

Feel blessed by 

your tender temperament 

until my time.


Placed in pens

at the Fiber Fest

on a windy day

in Wisconsin 

alpaca don’t have half

the postcard appeal.

You smell of must,

stalks of strewn hay,

and animal urine.

My head immediately 

migraines swirls of

hurt to my skull

like my brain has

swollen ten times

usual sane size.

In a dizzy daze

I see you spit

at a small circle

of schoolchildren

trying to touch

you in tenderness.

Your smile is

surly, snickering smirk

of sneering sarcasm.

Your fluffs of fur

encrusted in mysterious

bits of foreign objects

I don’t dare try define.

Through haze, I see

the dirty dust drifts 

and silently settles

waste onto everything.

I cough into

my coat collar.

Hurry to the entrance.

Escape the malicious

evil menagerie.

My heart overcome.

Alpaca angst!

K. Dorholt 

4/29/18 NaPoWriMo 2018

Bucket List

Published April 29, 2018 by kdorholt


Today was “Write About a Bucket List.” I chose to write about a person with a bucket. 


Once Betty believed

In dreams.

Determined to dance

out of the ordinary

ubiquitous box step

and design her own

demiurgic dance of the divine.


She saw herself

showered in sun

and sparks of splendor.

Radiant as rich 

red rubies.

Rare as a royal

baby’s birth.


But . . .


Life laughed at Betty’s

pure poppycock

with lessons that

lessened and leaned

toward tragedy

brought her broken hearts

and abundant overdrafts


Kids with congenital

conditions—unkind, cruel. 

Shady deals

and sucker punches

surprised her ceaselessly.

Until her bucket list

burst to blankness


And she pushed

a pail at Pillsbury’s

barely able 

to believe in air.

Bless you, Betty,

a sanguine soul

should be grace’s given.



K Dorholt

4/28/18 NaPoWriMo 2018

The Hermit’s Path

Published April 27, 2018 by kdorholt


Each day a poem.

Each line a possibility.

The hermit’s light

shines on truth.

The simple secret

secured in the spirit.

Seek it in solitude.

Share it with a world

within a whirlwind

too wound to wonder

in the soul’s promise

at peaceful perfection

illuminated by a life

of pure poetry.



K. Dorholt

NaPoWriMo 4/27/18

Fishing, 1945

Published April 26, 2018 by kdorholt


This picture of my cousins (Alfred and John, I think) fishing with Grandpa Karason sits in my bathroom. It was a tradition Grandpa shared with his grandson’s, not me, so the photo holds an element of mystery and wonder. Today’s poem of five senses gave me the chance to write some of what I imagine.

The boys knew fishing with Grandpa.
The summer, simple Sundays
(after morning Mass then
scrambled eggs seasoned slightly
with pepper and ketchup)
landscaped with the lake
lapping shore in sure beats, lazy
but boldly beckoning belly bubbles
and tastebud tinglings
brought on by bluegills’ scales
shining jewels in the sunlight
like fish wore rhinestones
instead of wicked rough ridges
to be skinned off later
in harsh sure scrapes
of homemade, bone-handled
filet knife into waiting rusting bucket
balanced by the backdoor.
The intermingling of cattails,
earthworms wriggling in
Grandma’s dank garden dirt—
dug up in the dewed dawn—
and warm worn valise leather
all wafting waves of welcome
as both boys awaited
slight nudge of nibble
then submerged bite on languid line
leading from bumpy bamboo pole.
When the red and white bobber
wonderfully bounced in bits enough—
inviting their just-so jerk—
a mere wink of movement
in unquestionable capture.
And the patriarch’s
pat of praise on their back—
a papal blessing of pride.
A perfect catch!


K. Dorholt
4/26/18 NaPoWriMo 2018

Warning Label

Published April 25, 2018 by kdorholt


Write a poem that is a warning label to yourself. I have spent so much of my life in pursuit of the perfect white-blouse look. I even spent some time looking online this morning. My time has held better benefits elsewhere.

Warning Label

The pursuit of
that proverbial perfect
wrinkle-free white blouse
subtracts substantially
more life months
than are meaningful.
Drop the dream!

Ever so much easier
stumbling across
a sentient soulmate
innocently imbibing
Star Wars reruns
in a rec room.
Hold fast!

K. Dorholt
4/25/18 NaPoWriMo 2018

April 24th

Published April 24, 2018 by kdorholt

dylan smile

Today is my grandson’s birthday. I only have time on this busy day for a short poem that tells the truth.

With each
of your birth
I relive
the moment
and redefine
my life




K Dorholt
4/24/18 NaPoWriMo 2018

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