Friar Tuck Explains

Published April 15, 2013 by kdorholt

Friar Tuck is my acclaim,
a name not dignified
or bold or brave.
But I began
in legend as “Curdal Friar,”
Fountains Abbey
sentry world renowned,
protecting all my brothers
from all type of foe
who feared my fearful strength
with cudgel, arrow and bow

On dare, I carried Robin Hood
upon my horse-strong back
across a river current
from one bank to next
and with ease returned.
I stood toe-to-toe
with Little John
in any warrior’s feat.
For in grit and accuracy,
I was difficult to beat.

And yet I was branded
with this hook of
“Friar Tuck,”
so comical, so plain.
How could I so
lionhearted have
such a mousy name?
Here’s the simple answer
for you–as pure as rain.

When I across the river
had to trod
my monk’s tunic I must keep dry
and free of stain or mud.
So my holy outer garment
I always stuck
into my breeches.
Voila! Friar Tuck!


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