Flirtation (NaPoWriMo 4/14/2014)

Published April 24, 2014 by kdorholt


Walking along, I see you—
a bit to the side
of a regular road.
I don’t know what
it is that draws
me to you.
Was it a glint
of the morning
sun off your surface?
Just one whitish stone
among a particular patch
of many more,

I stop to
pick you up
and feel the comforting
warmth of you,
light in my hand,
hardly there at all.
My thumb rubs
your stone surface–
mostly smooth–
two bumps and
a gentle groove
on one side.

My thumb flips
you over in
my palm.
You surprise me!
This part of you
is more rounded
softer and smoother—
a toddler’s tummy.
You’re not ticklish,
though I try
my luck. You’re
a stone—after all!

I want to
watch you fly.
I fling you
flippantly from my
hand and smile
as you twirl
two times in
the air before
you lightly land
to my open
palm once again
and rest there.

I start to
hum a no-name
tune and take
a closer look
at your stoney
surface—an egg white
with almost unnoticeable
flecks of flamingo
and goose gray
and crystalline glitter
coyly exposed to
those who dare

to scrutinze your
shy, stoney surface.
On a whim,
still humming happily,
I toss you
again into the air,
so fresh and full,
and delight in
the dance you do
as you twist
and tumble some
more in a jaunt

toward my waiting
hand, once again.
As before, you
plop pleasurably there,
and I carefully
caress your shell
one more time
before casting you
to an obscure
corner, and you nosedive
into other esoteric
objects discarded there.


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