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The Inauguration: First Couple/First Day

Published January 25, 2017 by kdorholt

the First Couple/
First Day

body language

a marriage based
on you
wouldn’t know

ignore her

he nods
in her direction

his object

she frowns
and looks down

don’t touch

an awkward dance
of strained allegations
and predatory behavior

the first couple

Found Poem Source: Behavior experts explain Donald and Melania’s bizarre inauguration behavior
Tom Cahill | January 24, 2017


Republicans: Found Poem III

Published January 21, 2017 by kdorholt

Life handed me a golden apple Thursday night after I read about the Republicans unconscionable actions in Congress on 1/12/17. As often happens with me, I started reading to help me try to understand–this time on-line articles. Eventually, I happened upon a thread entitled “Words you would use to describe Republican voters.” ( I was intrigued! As I read, Found Poems jumped from the screen to my brain because people were responding with passion. One poem I’m working on is listed below. I know some might not like the topic or how the poem defines it. But it’s true for me. I’m posting it here, but I’m not making you read it.

(Found Poem III)

Some Republicans exist
in a mental space
close to addiction . . .

a state of arousal
a charge
out of more

and more
hate filled,
negative anti rhetoric . . .

until some
are truly
unreachable . . .

Through that veil
is another

Inauguration Poem (for Trump Supporters)

Published January 21, 2017 by kdorholt

Here are the men that you elected
Your finest choices
Your creme de la creme
Try to feast now on their drivel
produced by vacant virtues
through clouded chicanery
and hollow hearts

It will be vacuous
not a nugget
of nourishment will
it provide the people’s
or your palate.
You cannot survive
on surreal supposition

But you will try . . .
You will be coaxed
into cruel cooperation
and give “it” one more try
sucking up every word
in want of sure sustenance
while the rest of the world
watches you wither

You will call foul
and thunder blame
in the world of your wishes
but no one will hear you–
Your voices are filled
with words that human beings
can no longer comprehend.
You will wind with unwilling others

Down your drain of deceit and corruption
You will feel their fearful fingers
clutch at you for comfort
but you will only callously care.
You will look to “your men”
for more assurance–
more vicious validation

And they will answer
with nothing of value
or worth or honor
But you will feel fed
Refreshed once more
by their disregard
ignorance, derision, and disdain.

(*Note: I actually wrote this poem. I didn’t pretend to write it for photo op to try to convince people I could think.)#Resist

I Protest!

Published January 21, 2017 by kdorholt

I protest!
the reality
you have
falsely fashioned for
me without my
free consent

your small vision
firmly fencing in
my cherished choices
with false facts
and desperate measures

a narrowed view
of nature
as nothing more
than your weak word
against the world’s wisdom

this constant correction
of all that is
already perfect
purely without your
needless interpretation

one vile view
of whole humanity
and humanness
under the guise
of ultimate understanding

vapid minds
weakened with big ideas
that defy and denigrate
the clear definition
of love and
all that is holy

all need for blood
to fill the hunger
of the mighty and mistaken
from those who bleed out
each day’s suffering

that I must
resist each renewed struggle
with the same flaming vigor
for less and less real

righteous reward

I protest!

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