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To the T-Rex

Published November 9, 2017 by kdorholt

trex and prey

Your stub arms
So long derided

As inefficient comedy’s
Survival of fittest

A natural joke
Seen scientifically anew

Much weightier than
Any wrestler’s legs

Two-clawed Titan slashers
Deep wounding deadly

Mass-destruction maulers
Large-body liquidators

Shreds dinosaur flesh
In quick succession

Inflicts incapacitating pain
Nerve . . . muscle . . . veins

Extreme carnage inescapable
In its evil

Let cynics snicker
Your power prevails!

Source: https://www.thedailybeast.com/whats-the-point-of-t-rexs-tiny-arms






Easter Nocturne

Published April 17, 2017 by kdorholt

It’s a Peter Pan
moon and clouds tonight,
the breeze a sweet-tempered sigh.
The soft sound of fairies’ wings
flutters faintly from
birch tree leaves above,
inviting thanksgiving,
comfort and wonder.

I accept the mellow mood
it makes in me
as song to my  soul–
the music of slumbering moments
replacing the vigorous living
of this most hopeful holiday–
and let memories linger
awhile with the moon
and  breeze and fairies’ wings.

We compose a prayer
of gratitude for this day’s gifts
and a benediction for tomorrow.

Defeat Number One Limericks (3/24/2017)

Published March 24, 2017 by kdorholt

There once was a vain man named Trump
“The Closer”–called out on the stump.
But could he repeal ‘bamacare?
Nope, the votes just weren’t there
and his nickname’ s been changed to “The Frump”!
There was a House Speaker, Paul Ryan
Repeal and replace he was tryin’
But his preen was all show
Cause his teammates cried, “No!”
By himself, in the dark, he hid cryin’!
He liked his mystique, did D. Trump.
At a chance to be greater, he’d jump.
But the Obamacare law
He just couldn’t withdraw,
And he now is a national chump!
You’re such a loser, Paul Ryan
Your plan for healthcare no one’s buyin’
It was cold and as cruel
as a frozen toadstool
Politically, you might be fryin’!
Have you heard of the man, Donald Trump?
On a platter you’ll find his fried rump.
Congress he tried to sway
To play healthcare his way
On his advice they took a big dump!
Ryan and Trump surly stink as a team
Healthcare is their impossible dream
They vowed repeal and replace–
Their political ace–
It was ripped asunder at the seam.

Conservative Men (on seeing a photo on the all-male women’s health care committee 3/23/2017)

Published March 24, 2017 by kdorholt

Conservative Men

We are men
Proud and strong
Head over heart
Wise and ordained

As is written
By us, for us
To our own
Greater-good glory

We hear all
In our voice
Deep and sonorous
True as trumpets

We see all
With our eyes
Piercing this life
Sharp as sabers

We feel all
That you need–
You need not
Doubt our decree

We need all
Only to do
What we proclaim
To be right

We are men
With a seat
At the elite
Raised royal dais

You are but
A shuddering shadow
Almost wholly hidden
By god-given glow

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