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how to get rid of titles at top of page and only keep the side menus

Published September 30, 2017 by kdorholt

How do I delete the titles of my 2017 NaPoWriMo poems at the top of my site–underneath my tagline and keep the side-menu items? I know the directions are here somewhere.



Two Poems in Reaction: the 2016 Election

Published September 30, 2017 by kdorholt

*As the title suggest these are two poems in reaction to Trump’s election. Warning: I am progressive and liberal, so if you aren’t, you might not want to read the first poem written on 11/9/16. I haven’t been able to decide an a title. The working one is the simple “Here are the Men”

The second poem, “The Blue Dress” focuses on the treatment of Melania Trump on Inauguration Day.


Here are the men that you elected
Your finest choices
Your creme de la creme
Try to feast now on their drivel
produced by vacant virtues
through clouded chicanery
and hollow hearts

It will be vacuous
not a driblet
of nourishment will
it provide the people’s
or your palate.
You cannot survive
on surreal supposition

But you will try . . .
You will be coaxed
into cruel cooperation
and give “it” one more try
sucking up every word
in want of sure sustenance
while the rest of the world
watches you wither

You will call foul
and thunder blame
in the world of your wishes
but no one will hear you–
Your voices overflow
with words that human beings
can no longer comprehend.
You will wind with unwilling others

Down your drain of deceit and corruption
You will feel their fearful fingers
clutch at you for comfort
but you will only callously care.
You will look to “your men”
for more assurance–
more vicious validation

And they will answer
with nothing of value
or worth or honor
But you will feel fed
Refreshed once more
by their disregard
ignorance, derision, and disdain.


The Blue Dress
(Reflections on Inauguration Day:1/20/2017)

Talk about
the blue dress . . .
a faultless fit
for only her
body and soul
feel your heart soar
studying the flowing curve
of its subdued splendor
be dazzled by her
china chiseled eyes
prepared for performance
made more brilliant
by blue’s luster

talk about
the blue dress . . .
skimming across her
shoulders and cascading
to the matching gloves
cede attention to
the coif collar curled
against the inclement
day its beauty bears
mark the jacket crossed
like the holy hands
of the prayful penitent
seeking solely simple
sustenance from god

talk about . . .
the blue dress
rendering its model
a facile second thought
who doesn’t matter
all that much
she could be
any another woman
pretending at peace
practicing a subtle smile
hardly hiding her
humbling hurt after
that man tersely turns
and comment-slays her.


Spanish Shardoma

Published April 13, 2017 by kdorholt

A new form of poetry for me–the Spanish Shardoma is six lines and has a 353375 rhythm.
Here are a five of my attempts:


The fresh air
of spring heralds hope–
one sure sign–
geese fly home
and make their nests at the pond–
awaiting goslings.

The fresh air
of spring heralds hope
and goodness
Breathe the pledge
of new life in its pure breeze
Let wintered souls wake

A fish tale!
The salmon I ate
one Friday
in my teens
still stews in my poor stomach
and burps up at times.

Breaking News!
Holocaust Centers
used to be
(in my day)
Concentration Camps, but now
Revisionists have the mic.

i know this.
Hitler’s poison gas–
sure sin–killed
my great aunt.
Auschwitz Concentration Camp
was a place of death.

Dogdale and Grape (Secret Poem)

Published April 4, 2017 by kdorholt

Dogdale and Grape

They were secret
names for the boys
crush-created pseudonyms
penned in missives
two girls clandestinely
scrawled in compulsory classes
instead of defunct definitions
and promptly passed
behind a teacher’s back
or in front of one’s nose
notes of necessity
holding messages
as urgent as
a beached whale’s
need for the sea
“Dogdale Shipwreck”
“Grape Ligament”
two insignificant identities
so imperatively important!

Paul Ryan’s Poem: A Letter

Published February 25, 2017 by kdorholt

*I wrote this as a plea to Paul Ryan to not defund Planned Parenthood

Paul Ryan’s Poem: A Letter

Dear Speaker,
I’m a citizen of this land,
and thus, I am
a woman in your care.

I must rely on you
to make fair rules
that keep me sound
and healthy everywhere.

Dear Speaker,
I have heard too many stories
of how little I am held
in your regard

and how your
policies favor not women
but are harsh, unrealistic
cold and hard.

Dear Speaker,
if your blind mission should succeed
and fails to help all
hopeful womankind,

you will bear the sin
of women suffering and
and that wrong should e’er heft heavy
on your mind.

Dear Speaker,
why think so much ill of women
and always see the evil
they might do?

Women, taken as a whole,
are righteous people
yes, Speaker, every
speck as pure as you.

Dear Speaker,
may I say that I’m heartbroken
with your design to lord
o’er our bodies.

How do you see
this as your given power?
Would you do this if our pronoun
were “he”?

Dear Speaker,
I ask you, please, soften
your heart. Give us credit
as you do a man.

Put up bills
for votes that trust in women’s
goodness, as only you,
the one House Speaker can.

Dear Speaker,
you will hear women’s thanksgiving,
all overflowing here
with our true joy.

(We do not take our
role as life’s force lightly
or look at our body
as some sex toy.)

Dear Speaker,
when women make judgment
to control a birth from our
wombs any way,

we do it with the
greatest sense of prudence.
You can trust us with
that power on each day.

Dear Speaker,
a higher force creates us women,
so there has to be good reason
for this grace.

We are good enough
to bear forth glory.
The best of makers deigned this
as our place.

Dear Speaker,
Thank you for your kind attention
to my asking that you just do
what is right,

and may all that’s holy
gleam and guide all your days
and be with you every
single night.

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