Confessions About Coffee

It smells like:

“Welcome home!” . . .

“Here, have
a hug” . . .

“Warm your
withering soul” . . .

“Stimulate your
sluggish mind” . . .

“What are you waiting for?!”

It tempts with the aroma of:

The perfect invitation . . .

The best idea
you’ve had
all day! . . .

A table for two
in a quiet corner . . .

A Swedish massage
at the end of
a stressful meeting . . .

The memory of
a breeze tickling
your hair while
you watched a sunrise . . .

A cozy conversation
With a faithful friend!

But it tastes like:

Deception . . .

Bitter like a bug
that flies into
your mouth
as you bite
the first strawberry
of the summer season . . .

All wrong
like the glowing
sun’s invitation
of warmth on
a below-zero day . . .

Too much
like a crinkled bag
of circus peanuts
from a convenience
store on a trip
to Grandma’s . . .

like learning
the truth about Santa
on a Saturday sleepover
from the kid
who can’t lie!

Besides . .

It  begs
an after taste
as uncomfortable
as a pair of
blue jeans
three sizes
too small . . .

And leaves
lingering halitosis
as massive as
a migraine
that makes
you miss
your start at bat . . .
the team picture . . .
a chance at
the championship!

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