J’ai Fin (a poem from a newspaper article NaPoWriMo 4/28/2014)

*(A sad footnote to a tragic story: Maria Caro, mother of Isabelle Caro, committed suicide feeling enormous guilt at daughter’s passing . . .)

For 15 years
I watched . . . with
a mother’s horror!
Her self starvation,
anorexia nervosa.
Isabelle succumbed . . .
dying to be thin.

Notoriety! Dramatic
nude image billboard
campaign banned
in Italy, France
too disturbing, depressing
one remains . . .
in Rome

60 lbs., cadaverous
body—a lab skeleton—
prematurely aged skin.
Breasts tiny pockets
of flesh hung
from ribcage.
Long fingers like
broken matchsticks.

“The Little Girl
Who Didn’t”
Want to Get Fat”
blames mother . . . me!
I set the stage
for my
daughter’s demise?

Diapers until age 7 . . .
Dressed in clothing
much too small . . .
Locked inside
our Rome apartment . . .
(“Fresh air makes
children grow!”)

It was her
rebellion— her wresting
a measure of control
from “domineering mother”!
She lived on tiny
squares of chocolate/
self-rationed corn flakes

The doctor’s put her
to sleep that dreadful
day . . . disconnected her
machine . . . “shortened
it all.” “In any case
your daughter didn’t
want to live.”

I set the stage for
my daughter’s demise?
Kate Moss, icon
for the world
understands, “Nothing
tastes as good
as skinny feels.”

Image of Isabelle Carol at http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:Isabelle_Caro.jpgJ’ai Fin
http://www.tvguide.com/news/isabelle-caro-dies-1027182.aspx (billboard image)


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