Poems for Dylan’s Birthday 4/24/2014 (NaPoWriMo 4/22/2014)

*These are not my best poems, but Thursday is my grandson’s birthday. So I took this opportunity to write some poems for his card. I don’t expect calls for Hallmark, Carlton, or American Greetings!


Always let Mommy know how much you love her
Always let Daddy kinow you love him too
Always let Macey know she has her, brother
To watch her and love her from home to the moon.

Always be kind to each person you meet,
And each living thing needs the kind things you do!
Though they might have stinky kisses or feet
They need to know they are special to you.

Always remember to say, “Thanks” and “Please”
When needed remember to say, “Excuse me.”
Remember say, “Bless you” to any who sneeze.
Remember “warm words.” Oh, try not to “mean tease.”

Always remember—be ready to smile
at people who seem like they’re lonely and blue.
Take a few minutes to talk for awhile.
You’ll make new friends and they’ll feel better too.

Always try to make your mom and dad proud
They love you more than any boy who they’ll know—
if you dance, swim, play Legos, or sing really loud,
Awake or sleeping, wherever you go.

A Limerick on Dylan’s Birthday in Two Stanzas

Ever be kind to your “Gigi” grandmother,
‘cause you’re never going to get another!
She raised your loving mom,
Who you know is “da bomb!”
And you’d not be here had Mom been Lolo’s brother!

Oh we’ll not forget your good pal “Bapa” either,
who’ll watch any movie with you in the theater!
He cooks you supper and lunch,
And plays videos a bunch!
He and Gigi love you! (Boys don’t come neater!)


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