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Invitation—a paint-chip poem

Published November 26, 2017 by kdorholt

B977CF0D-0170-40DB-A367-60DAEA19C87BI found a writing activity using a paint-chip sample card from a hardware store,so I tried it.
My words are underlined (My list also included “lime “sorbet” but one choice can be omitted)


The hint of mint—
As refreshing as this morning
Sun’s light lingering after
Last night moon’s dark—
Beckons me to breathe
To my slumbering soul.

A sigh of sweet peas,
A whisper of wisterias-
Drawing me through the dewmist—
Delights in wistful waiting
For my heart’s sudden skip
At simple perfection.

A rare May apple—
A springtime fairy tale—
On a branch above
Offered like a gift for gods,
Just out of human reach,
Not ripe nor ready.

The Bermuda grass—innocent
Of a maiden mow—caresses
My feet with country kisses
Enticing my timid toes
With taunting pastoral play
Careless of consequence.

And I live again
In my beaming .bloom of life
Bedecked with golden wonder
Bedazzled by the welcome—
Away from wearisome winter—
Bewitched by a game of leap frog.


Saints and Martyrs: Once Upon a Time (Badge Book 2015 “Off-the-Shelf” Found Poem 2)

Published November 8, 2017 by kdorholt

Off the Shelf 2

Saints and Martyrs: Once Upon a Time

The morning began
with celebration
to mothers everywhere
at the parochial school
each boy (angels
since the dawn of time)
crossed the ancient
archway to manhood
in his heart
singing songs
with his silver tongue
in their arms
a rose and
a tissue packet
for each mom

In the silent church
the resident atheist
an elegant woman
clad in a glamorous
fox fur coat
long flaxen hair
six inches below the shoulder
built golden images
with her tears
and longed for
a chivalrous father
a deep devotion
a burning love
a spontaneous life

The Whole Idea Is to Make Your Mouth Water, Really (Badge Book 2015 “Order’s Up” Found Poem)

Published November 8, 2017 by kdorholt

For the “Order’s Up” found poem, we were challenged to visit a local restaurant, bar or coffee shop and snag a copy of the menu, and write a poem using only words and phrases found on the menu.

Our canvas
juicy, just
a stone’s throw
from heaven,
a patio pergola
shade letting in
the skies
plenty comfortable,
water running
from rocks
in winter
Christmas lights




Source: Parkside 23 Restaurant Menu. Brookfield, WI

Poem of Pain (Badge Book 2015 Pinch-an-Inch Found Poem)

Published November 8, 2017 by kdorholt

This is a Badge Book 2015 Pinch-an-Inch found poem. We were to find an article with intriguing words and use only words found in an inch of vertical text for a poem.


Poem of Pain

Look, Speaker,
that burned newspaper
of this century,
will serve as witness
to the poem of pain:
those shrouded bodies,
figures of fingers,
tumultuous towers,
a true, terrible plainness,
unthinkable, beyond
inevitable heartbreaking things
circumscribe women in line
under hard-won courage.

Doty, Mark. “Can Poetry Console a Grieving Public?” Poetry Foundation.
Web. 28 March 2015.

Celebrating Autumn

Published October 7, 2017 by kdorholt

The trees brilliant–
burnished crimson, rust,
and varied yellow hues
lit by harvest sun.
Leaves rustled by the
crisp, cleansing air.
Eventually drifting
like monarchs to
the ground
forming mounds of
nature’s autumn jewels.
A generous gift,
this crescendo
of seasons. Yes!

No! My soul cries–
Decay smothers me,
bombarding my eyes
with beguiling beauty
Blood red and
jaundiced yellow abound.
Leaves withered with
blight-brown blotches
blown by remorseless
whorls of whining wind.
A season of cynically
seductive scenes.
A cataclysmic caution:
Death’s deceiving decimation.

Summer’s Valediction (9/22/17)

Published October 3, 2017 by kdorholt

I remember the book
and the small summer lake
encompassing loon lullabies

Dragonfly wings humming
at the sodden shore
among the new-sprung cattails

A southwest wind
rippling the water
into glistening waves

Weaving the wild grass
to hieroglyphics
my hair to ringlets

A soul gleaming
with summer expectations
and season’s stories

Each page I turned
held a memory
it seemed

Each sentence
I read
a simple song.

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