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Mushrooms Might

Published April 20, 2018 by kdorholt


Poem ideas come from anywhere. I was reading a TED talk article “9 ways mushrooms could drastically change the world” after seeing the poem prompt to write about rebellion or revolution and thought, Why not take a stab a mushrooms! This draft is a rhymer and playful, but has a serious message—like an elementary children’s program. I can see the kids on stage as talking mushrooms.


‘Tis Mushrooms and their natural might might save us

From fertilizer festering underground,

Depleting beneficial precious phosphorus,

That makes our food nutritionally sound.


As is known, the global pop is rising.

By century’s end—a little less, no more—

When food demand has reached its highest limit,

This needed resource will exist no more.


In steps, now, the teeny tiny mushroom,

Whose roots absorb the phantom phosphorus.

Plant them in multitudes throughout the wide world

And see how healthy life becomes for us.


Agarikon’s been shown to combat smallpox

And defeat the virus causing flu.

If you’ve a beef with insects, hail, the mushroom,

Attracts and kills most bug infections, too.


Mushrooms turn cardboard boxes into forests.

(Made with rich fungi as well as growing spore.)

Add soil, tree seeds, and water to the mixture,

Sweet timber will be abounding once more.


Fashionista’s swear by mushroom leather.

It’s free of methane gas and supple, too.

Worried about your interned body spewing toxin?

A mushroom burial suit is just for you.


Let’s take a lesson from the humble mushroom

And start a mycelium revolt, please!

I’ve read if we finance mushroom research

There’s hope that we might even save the bees!



K. Dorholt



Cheese, Please!

Published April 8, 2018 by kdorholt


Okay, so, I wrote a magical poem yesterday, but today’s prompt said to write a poem about magic. A prompt on Writing Forward like this (Cheese Please) suggested using the words: heart, roses, knees, fire, eyes, dance, kiss.  So I did this:


Mirror, mirror made of glass

Framed like love with burnished brass,

You must play prediction’s part—

Let me see my true love’s heart.

In future’s time when he proposes,

Will I find ring hid in red roses?

And show me! Show me, now! Will he

Make love’s request on bended knee,

Speaking passion’s pure desire

Revealing his sure spirit fire?

His cheeks sparkle from tears he cries

Glistening from tender eyes,

Inviting me in true romance

To join him in a magic dance?

Thus as we twirl in perfect bliss

Seal our souls with Cupid’s kiss?

Or will he choose to use less cheese?

Tell me it’s the latter! Please!



K. Dorholt

4/8/18 NaPoWriMo 2018

Ode to a Junk Drawer

Published April 25, 2017 by kdorholt
The prompt we had today was to write about a small space. I took a liberty with the ode form by making an iambic pentameter and a,b,a,b/c,d,c,d etc. rhyme scheme verse to write an ode to a junk drawer. Ahem!
Ode to a Junk Drawer
Oh you should have another name than that
Tradition gives to spaces used like you.
The term we have is harsh and it falls flat
Of all the praise, in fact, that is your due.
When notes and letters mess and crowd the scene,
a single paper clip alone you’ll hold.
The clutter and disorder you help clean.
You make us more effective, truth be told.
And how about we need a stamp or dime
or glue or ruler, tape, pencil or pen?
You come to rescue my kind every time.
You are a true lifesaver, rock–a friend.
You hold receipts and torn dry cleaner stubs,
abandoned gum, shoelaces–blacks or browns–
the jack of hearts, the ace and three of clubs,
a scissors, tape dispenser, stamps of clowns.
Your store of bits and pieces, so it seems,
is endless in its bounty–size and scope.
You store what’s needed, all the stuff of dreams.
You are a constant, calming source of hope.

Sonnet for My Grandson

Published April 23, 2016 by kdorholt

*Write a sonnet. My grandson celebrates his seventh birthday tomorrow! Sonnet subject?   No-brainer!

Oh did you know that bright and right spring day
That you would be my sun and renew all?
And did the yellow buds that herald May
Spring forth at your first dawning, infant call?

For you’ve changed every day since then.
Rebirthed in me a love of life so true.
I am convinced that wonders waken when
They hear the faintest, stirring sigh from you.

But Nature discounts ardent inquiries
And looks the other way in playful scorn.
It whispers through its winds and rustling trees
That I should praise the fact that you were born.

Oh, Nature’s wrapped in mystery and show,
You, Grandson, best its miracles . . . I know!

A Goodbye

Published March 10, 2015 by kdorholt

A Goodbye*

I say, “Goodbye,” my Logyn Bess is leaving.
Her life’s design has challenged her to roam
with Matt and Gonz to place of sun and peaches.
They seek their dreams and go to make a home.

Just light the candle when you need us near you,
and feel our arms entwine you with embrace.
Light glimmers long with candle’s gentle flaming
and stands for us bestowing constant grace.

Oh, as you wander let your heart remember,
your family’s love surrounds you with its glow.
As you embark now on your new adventure,
our spirits travel with you as you go.

I say, “Goodbye,” my Logyn Bess is leaving.
A bittersweetness coats this mother’s soul;
for all I ask in life is your contentment
and know your destiny I can’t control.

Adorn your neck with pearls and softest sliver,
And think of me, as always, on your side.
I say, “Goodbye, my Logyn Bess, you’re leaving.
You fill me full with joyfulness and pride.”

*Inspired by “Alexandra Leaving” by Leonard Cohen and Sharon Robinson

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