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Macey Explains Reading Chapter Books, age 5

Published October 1, 2017 by kdorholt

A verse based on a real conversation
or Macey explains reading, age 5

“Macey, can you read that book?”
the wondering grandpa said.
“Not the words . . . no, Bapa,
but I’m reading in my head!”



Some Kids

Published April 28, 2017 by kdorholt

Some Kids

Some kids just fool
around in school,
thinking it’s cool
not giving ear.
Nothing to hear;
nothing to fear.

Let’s make this clear:
When teachers teach,
these won’t be reached.
Their minds think, Bunk!
This is all junk!
I’m no one’s punk!

I hate this class!
(Pain in the ass.
It gives me gas.)
Who needs this crap?!
I’ll take a nap
under my cap.

Teacher won’t see
me and my Zzzzzzz’s
Oh, clever me!
See how I rule
in this dumb school?
The geeks all drool!

Old-Age Blues

Published April 8, 2017 by kdorholt
Repetition was the prompt for today. Just repetition. Every poem has that, but I don’t think there’s any better example of repetition that the blues. So here’s a blues poem. Feel free to add a verse!
I got the getting old blues.
Said the getting old blues.
Seems like every brand new morning
I hear the same “Hey, you’re old” news!
Now my bones they creak like warped boards
make a weary, lonesome sound
Hear my bones creaking like warped boards
with that weary, lonesome sound?
And it doesn’t seem to matter
if I’m alone or you’re around.
Hear me moan with pain and worry
when that sound cries from my knees
Can you hear my painful worry
as pain is shooting from these knees?
It’s from this getting old, dear,
I wish the curse would let me be!
I got the getting old blues.
Said the getting old blues.
Seems like every brand new morning
I hear the same, “Hey, you’re old” news!
Oh, I went to see the doctor
told me, “Shake it outta you!”
Yes, my young and spritely doctor
tells me, “Shake it outta you,
and to help you suck it up, man,
here’s exercises you can do!”
I don’t want to exercise, no,
I just wanna be young once more.
Hear me, don’t wanna exercise, no,
I just wanna feel young once more.
All I get from exercising
is sweat come oozing out my pores!
I got the getting old blues.
Said the getting old blues.
Seems like every brand new morning,
I hear the same, “Hey, you’re old” news!
I tried revival meetings
hope to get help from the Lord.
Been to ten revival meetings
with hope to get help from my Lord,
but He don’t seem to hear me–
either that or Lord’s just bored!
And a drink just doesn’t help much–
Just makes me dizzy in my head.
Not even drink is gonna help much–
I feel so dizzy in my head.
If I try to live a little,
I only end back in bed!
I got the getting old blues.
Said the getting old blues.
Seems like every brand new morning,
I hear the same, “Hey, you’re old” news!
I’ve been to see an old friend
to help me through my age-old pain
Went on out to see an old friend
to try to help me through my pain.
But when my friend open up his door,
I can’t remember my friend’s name!
She looked at me quite blurry
Tells me, “Eh, I can’t help you.”
You know, she look at me all blurry,
Said, “‘Magine me a helping you.
Just take a look at my face.
Old age just ’bout eat me through!”
I got the getting old blues.
Said the getting old blues.
Seems like every brand new morning,
I hear the same, “Hey, you’re old” news!
I have so much old-age sorrow,
don’t know when I’ll laugh again.
There’s just so much aging sorrow,
you’ll never hear me laugh again.
I haven’t felt a giggle
since I can’t remember when!
Will I feel such pain and sorrow
‘til I reach my dying day?
Oh, will I feel such pain and sorrow,
‘til I meet that dying day?
Somehow, I hear the answer,
“Yes, love, gotta learn to live this way!”
I got the getting old blues.
Said the getting old blues.
Seems like every brand new morning,
I hear the same, “Hey you’re old” news!

Sonnet for My Grandson

Published April 23, 2016 by kdorholt

*Write a sonnet. My grandson celebrates his seventh birthday tomorrow! Sonnet subject?   No-brainer!

Oh did you know that bright and right spring day
That you would be my sun and renew all?
And did the yellow buds that herald May
Spring forth at your first dawning, infant call?

For you’ve changed every day since then.
Rebirthed in me a love of life so true.
I am convinced that wonders waken when
They hear the faintest, stirring sigh from you.

But Nature discounts ardent inquiries
And looks the other way in playful scorn.
It whispers through its winds and rustling trees
That I should praise the fact that you were born.

Oh, Nature’s wrapped in mystery and show,
You, Grandson, best its miracles . . . I know!

Poems for Dylan’s Birthday

Published April 22, 2014 by kdorholt

*These are not my best poems, but Thursday is my grandson’s birthday. So I took what little time a had today to write him two poems for his birthday card. I don’t expect calls from Hallmark or American Greetings!


Always let Mommy know how much you love her!
Always let Daddy know you love him too!
Always let Macey know she has her brother
To watch her and love her from home to the moon!

Always be kind to each person you meet,
Yes, each living thing needs the kind things you do!
Though they might have stinky kisses or feet
They need to know they are special to you.

Always remember to say, “Thanks,” and “Please.”
When needed remember to say, “Excuse me.”
Remember say, “Bless you” to any who sneeze.
Remember “warm words.” Oh, try not to “mean tease.”

Always remember—be ready to smile
at people who seem like they’re lonely and blue.
Take a few minutes to talk for awhile.
You’ll make new friends and they’ll feel better too.

Always try hard to make Mom and Dad proud.
They love you more than any boy who they’ll know—
if you dance, swim, play Legos, or sing really loud,
Awake or sleeping, wherever you go.

A Limerick on Dylan’s Birthday in Two Stanzas

Ever be kind to your “Gigi” grandmother,
‘cause you’re never going to get another!
She raised your loving mom,
Who you know is “da bomb!”
And you’d not be here had Mom been Lolo’s brother!

Oh we’ll not forget your good pal “Bapa” either,
who’ll watch any movie with you in the theater!
He cooks you supper and lunch,
And plays videos a bunch!
He and Gigi love you! (Boys don’t come neater!)

I, too, Will Have My Say (NaPoWriMo 4/18/2014)

Published April 18, 2014 by kdorholt

Cliven Bundy, you old galoot!
I’m tired of the tune you toot.
I’m tired of your militia way.
Your “reaction one” is point and shoot!

Cliven Bundy, you should pay
For your cows eating grass and hay.
Follow the law, you are no king,
And should do what the G-men say.

Cliven Bundy, hear me sing
Let the bells of freedom ring
to the ears astride your head.
(Not under your strange right wing.)
Time you did the patriot’s thing.

You’re not a hero: you’re a dead-
beat. The kind of man I fear and dread—-
A guy who thinks above the law.
I cringe to think your kind might spread!

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