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Saints and Martyrs: Once Upon a Time (Badge Book 2015 “Off-the-Shelf” Found Poem 2)

Published November 8, 2017 by kdorholt

Off the Shelf 2

Saints and Martyrs: Once Upon a Time

The morning began
with celebration
to mothers everywhere
at the parochial school
each boy (angels
since the dawn of time)
crossed the ancient
archway to manhood
in his heart
singing songs
with his silver tongue
in their arms
a rose and
a tissue packet
for each mom

In the silent church
the resident atheist
an elegant woman
clad in a glamorous
fox fur coat
long flaxen hair
six inches below the shoulder
built golden images
with her tears
and longed for
a chivalrous father
a deep devotion
a burning love
a spontaneous life


The Whole Idea Is to Make Your Mouth Water, Really (Badge Book 2015 “Order’s Up” Found Poem)

Published November 8, 2017 by kdorholt

For the “Order’s Up” found poem, we were challenged to visit a local restaurant, bar or coffee shop and snag a copy of the menu, and write a poem using only words and phrases found on the menu.

Our canvas
juicy, just
a stone’s throw
from heaven,
a patio pergola
shade letting in
the skies
plenty comfortable,
water running
from rocks
in winter
Christmas lights




Source: Parkside 23 Restaurant Menu. Brookfield, WI

Celebrating Autumn

Published October 7, 2017 by kdorholt

The trees brilliant–
burnished crimson, rust,
and varied yellow hues
lit by harvest sun.
Leaves rustled by the
crisp, cleansing air.
Eventually drifting
like monarchs to
the ground
forming mounds of
nature’s autumn jewels.
A generous gift,
this crescendo
of seasons. Yes!

No! My soul cries–
Decay smothers me,
bombarding my eyes
with beguiling beauty
Blood red and
jaundiced yellow abound.
Leaves withered with
blight-brown blotches
blown by remorseless
whorls of whining wind.
A season of cynically
seductive scenes.
A cataclysmic caution:
Death’s deceiving decimation.

All Wrong

Published September 29, 2017 by kdorholt

*I wrote this poem after I received a pneumonia shot and was in a fog of hurt and reaction to it. I was reminded of the times I’ve had bad reactions to prescriptions. I can remember one time in particular when I was sitting in our upstairs hallway feeling like the skin on my body had come loose and was rearranging itself. I told my husband that I understood why some young people commit suicide because they can’t abide a reaction prescribed by an authority and think that this is their life sentence. As an adult, I knew, I could get through the night, however horrible, and be prescribed something else the next day. Many young people haven’t grasped that yet.

All wrong

A taste
of rusted metal
and white vinegar

A smell
of unsuspected sickness
and overripe cherries

My vision
blurred like looking
through poured motor oil

His voice
distorted like commands
from a badge and bullhorn

A feeling
casting the sense of me
inside and out at once

All wrong
Never again
Too painful for purgatory

In Innocence

Published April 29, 2017 by kdorholt

She romps along the furrows
in midst of meadow’s blooming
unencumbered by
random ruts and roots,
as if her toes have been
taught by lambs
how to prance in play.

Trilling, true giggles,
as easy and real
as raindrops in
a soothing summer shower,
mark her heart’s merriment
matching each felicitous footfall.

The flowers she caresses
bounce in willing harmony
to her body’s beat.
Colorful consorts to her
comfortable vulnerability.
Exclamations of unwavering joy
and guileless understanding.

See the emboldened sun
beat brighter at her
pure presence!
Hear the birds sing
this moment in the making
and its worth to the world!

Pearl in Translation

Published April 30, 2016 by kdorholt

Pearl (Middle English)

1 Perle, pleasaunte to prynces paye
2 To clanly clos in golde so clere,
3 Oute of oryent, I hardyly saye,
5 So rounde, so reken in vche araye,
6 So smal, so smoþe her syde3 were,
7 Quere-so-euer I jugged gemme3 gaye,
8 I sette hyr sengeley in synglere.
9 Allas! I leste hyr in on erbere;
10 Þur3 gresse to grounde hit fro me yot.
11 I dewyne, fordolked of luf
12 Of þat pryuy perle wythouten spot.

“Pearl” in Translation

Pearl favor worthy of nobility,

A match for gold, this treasure.

From the East, this wonder be.

No  gem can meet its measure.

Perfect circle–splendid curiosity,

Dainty, shining–mine forever.

I set her down in silken luxury.

Wherever I roamed she gave me pleasure.

But in one spec of eternity,

Four brigands stole her from my sack.

Now, I will not fear what dangers be

Until I bring my pure, pearl back!







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